Difference in Bikini Wax

Differences in Wax

One of the top questions we get asked all the is about waxing and what type of wax do we use at Anchored Aesthetics. We are going to dive into the different types of wax today! There are 2 main types of wax. Hard and soft wax. Soft wax is what most people are use to. It’s when it’s applied thinly, a paper goes on top, and then it’s removed. This is great to remove all the velius hairs (peach fuzz) but can be a bit abrasive.

We at Anchored Aesthetics only use it for body parts that are a bit more tough and can handle it, such as legs, arms, chest, back, etc. Hard wax goes on a bit more thick then soft wax and then essentially shrink wraps around the hair. It sits on top of the skin so it won’t be as abrasive. It’s perfect for people that are sensitive. We use it on anything on the face, underarms and bikini area since the skin is a bit more sensitive in these areas.

Both waxes have their place and are wonderful. The best thing is finding an Esthetician that understands the time and place for each type of wax.